Spring Soirée

Join us for our Farm-to-Table Spring Soiree in Spring 2022. Details forthcoming!

The Spring Soirée & Auction is our largest community fundraiser, and we rely on funds raised at this annual event to help support our school's operations and strategic goals. The Spring Soirée & Auction Team works with community members to create a magical event that celebrates our talents and spirit and channels the generosity of the Westside Waldorf School community. We hope you'll join us for this memorable event!

Felted playscape for Spring Soiree 2019

Felted fruit for Spring Soiree 2019

Stationery Spring Soiree Project 2019

Bunny Hutch for Spring Soiree 2019

If you'd like to donate to this year's auction or volunteer your time to help produce it, please email Liz Garfield at lgarfield@westsidewaldorf.org. 

The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.

— Benjamin Disraeli

Join us for a parent-hosted friendraiser party!


Making a donation and shopping our Etsy store are two great ways to support our school in advance of the auction!


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Visit our Etsy store to see what our creative community members have been making for you and your loved ones.