Middle School (6-8)

As seeds of academic rigor germinate, boundaries of exploration and innovation are pushed and capacities for critical thinking expanded.

Beginning in Sixth Grade, the middle school curriculum aims to strongly enhance students' reasoning capabilities, encouraging their transition to critical thinkers able to synthesize a multiplicity of information before drawing conclusions. Scientific observation is engaged; mathematical concepts are explored; historical changes, cultural movements, and systems of governance in various eras are studied.

In the social realm, much attention is given to students' interpersonal and communicative abilities, and opportunities for engaging in projects lend practical and "real world" applications for these skills. Class field trips become more ambitious in scope, and often include the physical challenges of ropes courses, rock climbing, caving, outdoor wilderness camping, and more. Such travel tests students and supports them in building confidence, as well as creating memorable bonding experiences.

A key question asked by Waldorf teachers is, "What can be taught that will support, strengthen, and actively engage the students?" The question is not, "When will they understand a given topic?" but rather, "When will a particular topic be the most relevant; making use of, and strengthening developing capacities?"

Typical Day at Westside Waldorf

8:15-10:00 am: Main Lesson

Deep study of an academic subject such as Math, Language Arts, Geometry, Economics, History, Geology, Astronomy, Geography, Physiology, Physics, Chemistry, and Meteorology. The lesson comes alive through artistic, descriptive, and dramatic presentations, in 3- to 4-week blocks. Each student creates their own handwritten and illustrated Main Lesson book.

10:05-10:50 am: Morning Recess & Snack

10:55-11:35 am: Mathematics/CyberCivics/ISEE

11:40 am-12:20 pm: Spanish or Mandarin

12:25 pm – 1:10 pm: Lunch & Recess

1:15-1:55 pm: Mandarin or Spanish

2:00-2:40 pm: Choir/Woodworking/Handwork

2:45-3:25 pm: Games/Orchestra


*Schedule varies per grade 6-8

Blackboard drawing for the first core block of 6th grade, Roman History, by Ms. Jessica Breakey

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Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom.

— Rudolf Steiner